Canada This Month | Political Landscape | July 2019

Looking back on the polls, what do the last three months tell us? Today, INNOVATIVE is releasing the last three months of our national online federal vote tracking as well as the last two waves of our Ontario telephone federal vote tracking. Overall, the Liberals retain a small national lead. However, that national stability masks Read more about Canada This Month | Political Landscape | July 2019[…]

BC Poll Commentary

Innovative Research Group Inc. On May 9th, 2017, BC’s political parties have a date with destiny. As that date approaches over the next 9 months, INNOVATIVE will conduct a series of polls to understand where the parties stand and what matters to key voters. 160819_BCTM1608_BC_Poll_Commentary.pdf 160819_BCTM1608_Release_Deck.pdf 160819_BCTM1608_Political_Table.pdf 160818_TheGlobeandMail_ AffordablehousingkeyissueforBC.pdf