Canada This Month | TMX | June 2019

In 2016, the federal government announced it approved the Kinder Morgan oil pipeline expansion from Edmonton to Burnaby, BC (the Trans Mountain pipeline). INNOVATIVE has been tracking public support since May 2018.

CanadaThisMonth_TMX (June 2019)

Overall support for the approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline has increased since September 2018, with a majority now supporting the decision, while only 20% are opposed. A majority also support the renewed approval by the federal government after additional consultation with First Nations.

However, this approval has not translated into increased support for the Liberal Party of Canada. The net impact on likelihood to vote for the Liberal Party is -12%, and regionally it is as low as -29% in British Columbia.  While this is an improvement from -24% in September 2018, it is still a losing issue for the Liberals.

Even among those who support the decision to approve the pipeline, the performance by the Liberals on the issue only has a +4% net impact on their likelihood to vote Liberal. Those who oppose the decision had a strongly negative reaction, with nearly 1-in-4 of them (38%) saying they are a lot less likely to vote for the Liberals because of their decision.