2019 Federal Election | Majority vs. Minority | 2019-10-20

An online survey of 2,486 adult Canadians was conducted between October 15th and 17th.

Canadians are split on whether they want the election to result in a minority government (40%) or a majority government (43%). Among Conservative partisans, and Liberal partisans, support for a majority government is highest at 67% and 53% respectively. It is lowest among NDP (30%), Bloc (23%), and Green (30%) partisans.

Support for a majority government drops when Canadians are asked about any specific party. Only 33% say they would rather a Liberal majority government to a Liberal minority government, and only 30% would rather a Conservative majority to a minority. Support for a majority is lowest in the case of an NDP government, where only 25% of respondents would prefer a majority to a minority.

Among their own supports, Conservatives are the most likely to say they would prefer a Conservative majority to a Conservative minority (84%). Comparatively, only 72% of Liberals say they would rather a Liberal majority to a Liberal minority, and only 68% of New Democrats would rather see their party win a majority than a minority.

Looking at the impact of who the NDP and Greens have said they would support in a hung parliament, we find that the NDP decision to clearly state they would never support a Conservative government is more beneficial that the Green position to remain open to supporting any party. Almost half of Liberal partisans (47%) say they are more likely to vote for the NDP because of this position.

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2019 Federal Election - Minority or Majority (2019-10-20)