2019 Federal Election | Post-Debate Polling

Will the Debates Matter?

Despite the dramatic events of this campaign, there has been relatively little movement in the key battlegrounds.

The Conservatives will likely win more rural Atlantic and suburban Vancouver and Toronto seats, but those wins are not enough to pull ahead of the Liberals.  In addition to holding on to most of the Atlantic and a good chunk of Vancouver and Toronto suburbs, the Liberals have been poised to pick up NDP seats in Quebec and English Canada and even some Bloc seats.

The next few days provide the single greatest opportunity for that outcome to change.  Either to push the Liberals more firmly into minority territory or to send them back as a majority government.

Despite the fact that the first debate was in French, more than four-in-ten respondents across the entire country tell us they have heard something about it. Is there a clear winner? Click on the report below to find out.

Federal Election 2019 - Post-Debate Polling