Globe and Mail: No polling lead can ever be quite enough for B.C.’s NDP

The Globe and Mail interviewed INNOVATIVE President, Greg Lyle, on the BC Election.
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Some excepts are below:

Recent polling done by the Innovative Research Group (IRG) revealed results that, on many levels, the New Democrats have to feel good about. Given the findings, the party’s message of “change” would appear to stand a good chance of resonating with voters.

For instance, more than six in 10 (62 per cent) of those surveyed by IRG agreed with the statement it is “time for a change in government” in British Columbia while 69 per cent concurred with the view “the BC Liberals act without listening to the people directly affected.” (Interestingly, nearly 60 per cent of those who identified as BC Liberals agreed with that statement). Meantime, 66 per cent said they thought the “top people in the BC Liberals treat government like their own private club,” while roughly the same amount felt the “government had lost touch with the needs of the average person.”

While British Columbians are undoubtedly dissatisfied with the Liberal government on many counts, Mr. Lyle does not believe that enmity is deeply entrenched. In his March poll, he asked those surveyed to respond to the assessment: “I am so angry at the BC Liberal party I will never vote for them again.” Just 34 per cent of respondents agreed.

“That is a pretty low number,” Mr. Lyle said in an interview. “People might be upset at the government, but how motivated are they to do something about it? That is the key question. And our poll indicated that the anger level is not very deep, so the Liberals would have to be encouraged by that.”