2019 Federal Election | Values Study

Who Matters in this Election?

It would be nice if every vote mattered the same, but it isn’t true.  There are 150 seats where we already have a pretty good idea of who is going to win. Sixty-five seats are strong historically Conservative seats that recent polls say are very likely to continue to go Conservative.  Thirty-two seats are historic Liberals seats they held even in the worst of times.  And another 53 seats are Liberal-NDP swings seats where the Liberals currently dominant in the polls.

So, who matters in the remaining 188 ridings?

Elections are battles of hopes and fears. What defines a voter who matters is not how old you are, your gender or your occupation, but how you feel about politics. And there are three dimensions that are likely to matter in this election. Click here for The Hill Times article to read more about those three dimensions. Interested in taking a deeper dive into our analysis? Check out the full report below.

2019 Federal Election Values Study