Canada This Month | SNC-Lavalin | April 2019

On the surface, the results from our Canada This Month survey are encouraging for the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC). We have the LPC doing better than most other polls. However, a deeper dive into the numbers reveals several concerns.

This January, the LPC held an 8-point lead in British Columbia, whereas now they are in a tie with the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC). Justin Trudeau has gone from one of the most popular federal party leaders to one of the least popular. We have observed his brand as a strong and competent leader drop off since September. That said, Canadians still think Trudeau would make the best Prime Minister.
Do Canadians think the outcomes of the SNC-Lavalin controversy were the product of hypocrisy on progressive change or the influence of big business? Download our report for a deep dive on the issue.

CanadaThisMonth_SNCLavalin (April 2019)