Canada This Month | Parties & Leaders | June 2019

Passions, not Reason, will Determine the 2019 Federal Election

Emotions trump reason. This isn’t news to anyone who has read or heard about books such as Nudge and Thinking Fast and Slow.  More and more people are coming to understand that emotions, not logic, drive our decision-making in all parts of life, including politics.

So how do voters feel about the key parties and leaders competing in this election? A late June INNOVATIVE online poll asked 2,515 Canadian voters to tell us for each of the key parties and leaders in this campaign whether they had negative, positive or mixed views of the parties and their leaders. Click here for The Hill Times article to read more about how Candian voters feel about the key parties and leaders.

Interested in taking a deeper dive into our analysis? Check out the full report below.

CTM1906 - Parties and Leaders Report