Canada This Month: Breaking Issues | COVID-19

Canadians approve of government response to COVID-19 but one third report making little or no change in their day-to-day behaviour.

Today INNOVATIVE is releasing a new national poll on COVID-19. We asked:

  • are Canadians changing their behaviour?
  • who do they believe?
  • how do they feel about their government’s response to date?

One third (34%) of Canadians report very little or no change at all in their daily behaviour. Young people are most likely not to change their behaviour. Among four possible explanations for this behaviour, frequency of discussion makes the biggest difference.  Young people who discuss COVID-19 frequently are just as likely to change behaviour as older people.

How do we reach people? When it comes to information about COVID-19, the source matters. Canadians trust experts over politicians and friends and family. They trust medical professionals such as doctors and nurses over government officials.

Canadians approve of how the federal and provincial govts are handling COVID-19. COVID-19 approval is higher than overall satisfaction. Canadians are more likely to approve of the way provincial governments are handling #COVID19 than the federal government.

For more, click on the presentation deck here.