2019 Federal Election | Prime Minister Tracking

An online survey of 1,622 adult Canadians was conducted from September 10th to 15th.

Even though ‘most likely’ voters at least lean to one party at this point, only 42% say they have heard all they need to make up their minds.

Our tracking shows that the gap between Trudeau and Scheer as best Prime Minister has been narrowing, primarily because Trudeau has been slipping. Will this story lead to a further Trudeau decline that leaves Scheer ahead?

Last week, 27% of the Canadians we surveyed told us they experience discrimination in their daily life. Those voters liked Trudeau more than average. How will recent events change perceptions of Trudeau in these key groups? Read the full report below to dive into our analysis. To read more about whether or not the Trudeau campaign will be impacted by the string of recent controversies, click for The Hill Times article by Greg Lyle.

2019 Federal Election - Prime Minister Tracking