2019 Federal Election | Political Landscape Tracking | 2019-10-20

An online survey of 3,094 adult Canadians was conducted between October 15th and 17th.

Canadians are far from riveted to the campaign as the election draws to a close. While the pundit class analyses the electoral implication of each jot and tittle of the campaign, at least half the respondents in our final poll said they had not read, seen or heard anything for each of the six parties.

Among those paying attention, Jagmeet Singh and Yves-Francois Blanchet continue to maintain the strong positive momentum we saw last week. While only 40% across the country had heard anything about the NDP and only 32% in Quebec had heard anything about the Bloc, those paying attention liked what they heard. Both campaigns left at least half those paying attention more favourable (53% NDP, 58% Bloc).

While more respondents heard anything about the Liberals (50%) and the CPC (44%), they might have been better off keeping their heads down. The Liberals left 23% more favourable and 40% less favourable while the CPC left 29% more favourable but 43% less favourable.

Both the Green’s and the PPC are falling off the radar screen. Only 18% say they heard anything about the Greens while just 15% had heard anything about the PPC. While the Greens left more impressed (40%) than less favourable (26%), the PPC had more less impressed (38%) than more (26%).

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2019 Federal Election - Political Landscape Tracking (2019-10-20)