2019 Federal Election | Political Landscape Tracking | 2019-10-20

NOT time for a change

Neither the Tories nor the progressive opposition parties have been effective at driving the public desire for change. Throughout the campaign, the share of Canadians saying that it is time for a change in government has remained steady, as has the share who think that despite their problems the Liberals are still the best party to form government.

In 2019, 37% of Canadians strongly agree that it is time for a change.  In 2015, this number was 57%. Similarly, in 2019 only 30% strongly disagree that the Liberals are the best party to form government while in 2015 this figure for Harper was 44%.  With only four years in government, the desire for change is far from the levels seen 2015.

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2019 Federal Election - Issues and Attitudes (2019-10-20)