2019 Federal Election | Climate Change | 2019-10-11

An online survey of 1,726 adult Canadians was conducted between October 8th and 9th.

The following report reflects¬†the partial results of the survey to focus on topics of climate change. Some have called dubbed the 2019 Canadian federal election ‘the climate change election’ and there is no doubt this is a hot button issue. A year ago, in October 2018, the federal government announced the details of the national minimum price for carbon. Net support for the policy has not changed from earlier this year. However, the measure of net support has experienced a directional downward trend since 2018. The main parties are largely divided on how they would address climate change and Canadians are less certain that putting a price on pollution is the best way to fight climate change.

Check out the full report below for analysis on:

  • Climate Change: Familiarity and Belief,
  • The Climate Strike and,
  • Carbon Tax and Carbon Pricing Policies,
2019 Federal Election - Climate Change (2019-10-11)