2019 Federal Election | Ad Testing Tracking | 2019-10-08

An online survey of 2,835 adult Canadians was conducted between October 3rd to 7th, 2019

At the national level, the vote has been pretty flat since the start of September. So far, there have only been one or two-point movements for any party. The Liberals continue to lead the Conservatives, but the Liberal vote tends to come from younger voters. The vote among those who actually turnout may well be closer.

We oversampled Quebec to understand the dynamic of the race there given the TVA debate. We start with an unweighted sample of 978 and then the national weights pull the sample down to 537. Both the Liberals and Bloc are up 3 points since the beginning of the campaign with the CPC down 3.

This survey ran from Thursday to Monday and asked about the TVA debate. Trudeau is most likely to be seen as the winner outside Quebec while Blanchet was most likely to be seen as the winner within Quebec. Blanchet and Singh both tend to be seen as beating expectations. Trudeau held his own while Scheer lost ground, particularly in Quebec.

Singh has been growing slowly but surely on leadership attributes but remains clearly behind the front runners on all attributes. Trudeau and Scheer have been flat since the campaign began. In Quebec, Blanchet has seen some gains since the debate, but still trails behind Trudeau.

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2019 Federal Election - Ad Testing Tracking