Research-based Strategic Advice

Innovative Research Group (INNOVATIVE) is a national research and strategy firm that works with government, associations, not-for-profits, and private companies.


We help clients answer critical questions in order to assess and overcome public and corporate affairs challenges.


What is your challenge?

  • Governments of all levels: building confidence in services and programs
  • Corporations: dealing with a reputational crisis, launching new products and more…
  • Foundations: finding the best case for giving
  • Associations: getting the government’s attention to focus on your issues

INNOVATIVE is about more than just collecting numbers. We are designed on a management consulting model rather than a traditional market research model. In addition to our full research tool kit, we have thought deeply about how opinion moves and changes both generally and in terms of specific challenges.


INNOVATIVE is here to support you at every step from design, execution to analysis of custom qualitative and quantitative studies. We are focused about helping you to apply those insights in the real world.


  • public
    Understand the key issues to which government must respond, the public’s expectations, and the boundaries or limits to government action.
    checkPolicy preferences
    checkIssue management
    checkPublic sector communications
    checkPublic consultations
    checkPolicy analysis
  • corporate
    Understand how to create and maintain your organization’s reputation and how to effectively connect with key target audiences.
    checkBrand benchmarking
    checkMessage development
    checkAd testing and tracking
    checkCrisis management
    checkCommunity and site location research
  • fund
    Understand what motivates your donor base to ensure resources are effectively allocated towards the right donors.
    checkCampaign feasibility assessment 
    checkNot-for-profit brand research
    checkFundraising performance benchmarking
    checkProgram evaluation